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Jammy & Co. is honoured to join hands with Akshar Trust to help educate underprivileged children with impaired hearing/deafness in India. 

How this Happens : 
 With every product you purchase, you help pay towards a hearing impaired child's school fee. With your purchases, our goal is to help educate 50 hearing impaired children by the end of 2019! With the power of education our impact would be improving the lives of 50 families in the future.
Akshar Trust, Vadodara, Gujarat, has been working as a charitable trust for hearing impaired children and has completed 30 years on July 18, 2018. The endeavour of Akshar Trust is to enable children with hearing impairment have access to an academic environment which will prove to be their opportunity, perhaps their only opportunity, for a life of self-reliance and dignity. 

Students have graduated from M. S. University, Gujarat University and Sardar Patel University in Commerce, Arts and Family Studies. 5 have completed M.Com. One is studying Architecture at M. S. University. In 2017, Rahul Kanojiya, cleared B.E. Mechanical to become the first Akshar alumnus to be an engineer.

Employability is the new area of focus and Akshar has been helping the alumni for employment. Many alumni are in well-paid jobs in executive positions.

Akshar Trust's vision is to equip an individual with deafness to lead a useful, happy and fulfilling life. 
  If you want to learn more about Akshar Trust we invite you to visit their official website